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1st Year

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First Year

2nd Year

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Second Year


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Welcome to herupa

About herupa

herupa stands for Helper in Japanese
That's who we are
herupa will be your friend throughout your college life.

Our Mission

To provide all the Academic Material required and Announcements in one place at all the times for free

Our Vision

To take this project at an inter-college level wherin every student can communicate with others for whatever problem they have

Who are we and what we do?

We are a team of 24 odd people with a common motive. A motive to help each and every student through his academic endevours. Be it a test you didn't study for or an announcement you missed because you were busy, we will make sure everything is up to date so you never miss from our side

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What are the Services we provide?

Here are the services that are provided by us

Ayudante - The Mentorship Programme

Ayudante is a mentorship programme offered to first year students in collabration with second year where we aim on providing guidance to students to work their way around the college

Tutorial Solutions

Stuck on Tutorial 3, Question 5?
No worries. We have all the answers. Maybe not all but every Tutorial has an answer key with solutions so you don't have to worry about a thing now.

Technical Skills Classes

Maybe the things you master after the 8-5 classes take you places you didn't think they would.
We will be starting with regular conduction of classes on tehnical Skills which include Programming Languages, Graphic Designing, Video Editing and much more.


We all doze off a bit during our classes. Maybe all we do is sleep. But many of us stay up and have the perfect notes to get you through your exams.

Guidance on Non-Technical Skills

TeamWork, Communication Skills and other non-technical skills can not be taught but imparted. What are we if not a social animal capacble of doing so?

Printed Material on Demand (beta)

Starting next semester, we plan on providing Quick Notes on your doorstep so you don't have to run to the shops anymore.